Budget Concerns: How Much Insurance is Enough?

Budget Concerns: How Much Insurance is Enough?

How Auto Insurance Rates Get Calculated

Dustin Duncan

Auto insurance can be expensive and vary depending on your age, driving record and a number of other factors. For many people insurance remains a mystery that they have never tried to solve, but if they simply called an auto insurance representative they could get all the answers. Here is a list of factors that will go into determining how your auto insurance premiums get calculated.


Youth have some of the highest insurance premiums, as they are often the highest age bracket when determining risk. Youth drivers are often inexperienced and can often be immature when behind the wheel, and insurance companies charge a higher premium knowing this.

Insurance companies will often give drivers with a clean driving record a break at the age of twenty five and give them the same benefits as an adult. If you have a young driver on your insurance you can sometimes bring down the rate by enrolling them in driving school or a driver's education program.

Criminal Convictions

Being charged with drinking and driving or driving under the influence of drugs will cause your insurance premiums to skyrocket for years to come. In many cases, insurance companies will flat our refuse to offer insurance to customers that have been convicted of these crimes, because they present too high of a risk.

Other charges that cause insurance premiums to increase to peak rates include reckless driving charges, excessive speeding tickets. Also note that insurance companies may void insurance in the event of accidents caused when the driver is impaired by alcohol.

How Often Your Drive

When you call an insurance company to get a quote, the representative will ask how many miles on average will you be driving per day. How often you drive will be a direct factor in how expensive your monthly insurance is.

A driver who has to commute to work and back every day will pay more than an elderly woman that only leaves the house to run errands. The more miles you put on your vehicle the more you will pay per month to be insured as the company will take on more risk that there could be an accident.

Understanding how insurance gets calculated is important when shopping for an insurance quote. Having a basic understanding of how the insurance system works will allow you to make a more informed decision when you try finding the policy that will best work for you. To learn more, contact a company like Graber Insurance with any questions you have.


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Budget Concerns: How Much Insurance is Enough?

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