Budget Concerns: How Much Insurance is Enough?

Budget Concerns: How Much Insurance is Enough?

How Mobility Has Lead To Cheaper Auto Insurance Rates

Dustin Duncan

Mobility, in the world of insurance, is about more than just being able to compare quotes online to find the cheapest auto insurance. It creates an atmosphere where customers are actually in control of their policies for the first time. It makes claims processes easiest to handle on the go. Mobility has changed the face of insurance and so far everything has lead to cheaper coverage for everyone. Here's how.

Paperless Discounts

A cool and overlooked discount is the paperless discount. A lot of people still prefer getting their bills and other documents sent directly to their homes, but all it takes is an email address to get a nice discount and the ability to quickly access important insurance documents from anywhere. No more searching around for a bill you might have accidentally thrown away a week ago.

Online Comparisons

Getting a quote has never been easier. Now you can go online and get direct quotes and comparison quotes from any insurance carrier that will write you a policy. Having such direct access to prices means carriers are pressured to provide competitive quotes.


Using telematics might be the most profound use of mobility. Customers can now install a device that will send information back to the carrier about their driving habits. After a certain time the carrier will look at the data and determine how much (if any) of a discount they'll give the insured. Insurance carriers can then take all of this data and get accurate information for their risk raters which will help insurance carriers determine the best rate for their customers.

Better Claims Service

Insurance carriers have started equipping their claims adjusters with tablets and smartphones that will help them get a claim settled faster and more efficiently than before. This frees up the adjuster to be more hands-on at the time of a claim with the insured so they know they're getting the best service and that the adjuster is getting all of the right information they need in order to correctly assess the accident.

As technology improves, so will the cost of insurance and the level of customer service you'll receive from your insurance company. Overall, mobility has led to a wider range of discounts customers can potentially receive on their policies. As insurance companies begin to learn more accurate information from telematic programs, they'll be able to help their customers further by offering tailored safe driving tips and a rate that will accurately reflect their driving habits.

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Budget Concerns: How Much Insurance is Enough?

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