Budget Concerns: How Much Insurance is Enough?

Budget Concerns: How Much Insurance is Enough?

Stress These Safe-Driving Points To Your Road Tripping Teen This Summer

Dustin Duncan

If your teenager has finally reached the age that he or she will be taking a summer road trip without adult supervision, you might have some degree of concern. After all, it's likely that your child is either driving your vehicle or is listed on your insurance. While your first priority is to ensure that your teenager stays safe on the trip, you also don't want to encounter an issue in which he or she is in an accident that affects your auto insurance premium. If your teen has relatively little driving experience but will be braving the interstate highways this summer, here are some points to emphasize before he or she leaves.

Stick To The Right Lane

It can be easy for drivers to cruise along in the left lane, but it's important to remember that's not what this lane is for. Drivers, especially those who are relatively inexperienced, should stick to the right lane and using the left lane only when they plan to pass. Passing isn't something that should occur over a long distance; your teenager should move into the left lane, promptly pass the slow motorist and then return to the right lane. Things happen more quickly in the left lane, and your teen could quickly find him or herself in a situation that affects your auto insurance.

Take Breaks When Needed

Impress upon your teenager that it's smart to pull over and take breaks when they're needed. Remind the teen that he or she doesn't need to try to be macho by performing a long drive in a single stint. Interstate driving has the potential to make a driver drowsy, given that it's possible to drive for several miles without much visual engagement. Pulling over extends to the passengers, too; if some of your teen's friends are asleep, it can make your teenager feel more tired. Whenever someone needs a rest, the group should have no hesitation to pull into a rest area.

Know The Route In Advance

Impress upon your young driver that it's a good idea to study the route in advance. This helps to avoid looking at a GPS or map while driving, which can especially be dangerous at the high speeds on the interstate. For example, it's easy to memorize the number of an exit that the group will be taking, and have your child work in partnership with his or her passengers to keep an eye out for signs that note that the exit is approaching.


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Budget Concerns: How Much Insurance is Enough?

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