Budget Concerns: How Much Insurance is Enough?

Budget Concerns: How Much Insurance is Enough?

  • Understanding Property Coverage Under Your Homeowners Insurance Policy

    As a homeowner, having homeowners insurance is a must since it will protect you financially if damages were to occur to your home. In order to be sure that you are adequately protected, you will want to know how homeowners insurance works and what is covered. The amount of property coverage that you receive from basic homeowners insurance coverage is broken down into these four sections: Dwelling Coverage: Dwelling coverage covers your house and attached structures including plumbing, electrical wiring, plumbing, built-in appliances heating, and permanent air conditioning.

  • 4 Things To Consider Before Buying Auto Insurance Coverage

    If you're a newly insured driver, you want to make sure that you're fully insured in order to meet your state laws and to stay safe while on the road. Many people dislike shopping for auto insurance because they assume that it will be too expensive to afford. There are many insurance options that are available and you can take proper steps to pay less. Can You Be Added to Another Policy?

  • Four Things To Consider Before Choosing A Medigap Plan

    Medicare Part A and Part B plans don't cover all of a person's medical expenses. People sometimes choose to purchase other supplemental plans to help cover these gaps, such as Medicare Advantage Plans, Part D plans for medications or medicare supplement insurance plans, also known as Medigap policies. Compare the Cost and Availability of the Different Options Medicare Advantage plans may be less expensive options for some people compared to the cost of Medicare Part D and a Medigap policy.

  • Wedding Postponement Insurance: 3 Instances When It May Truly Be Necessary

    Congratulations on getting married. The process of planning your wedding should be an enjoyable one with limited negative experiences. There are so many details that needed to be decided that it can become overwhelming. During a meeting with your wedding planner, he or she mentions wedding cancellation or postponement insurance. You think that you don't need it because neither you or your groom-to-be are going to get cold feet, but this type of insurance covers many more instances than just being left at the alter.

  • The People On Your Property: Who Does Your Homeowners Insurance Cover?

    Your policy can automatically cover a lot of people to one degree or another. It covers Whoever's name is on the policy (you) Your spouse and your children Visitors, guests, and those you invite over People who work on your property also receive some protection under your homeowners policy. That can include nannies, housekeepers, maintenance people, etc. When Your Child Goes Away and Returns Your coverage is rather broad as well.

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Budget Concerns: How Much Insurance is Enough?

Insurance is something that I carry in the hopes that it never has to be used. Along with life coverage, I also have low cost auto insurance and a health plan through my employer. I'm toying with the idea of adding some additional coverage, just in case something happens and I'm no longer around to take care of my family. The question that is on my mind is how much insurance is enough? Do I really need more, or would it be better to cultivate other assets that my loved ones can draw on if needed? If you are in the same boat, let's journey together for a while. Read on and I'll explain what I'm trying and why. Together, we can figure out when it is time to add more coverage and when enough really is enough.