Budget Concerns: How Much Insurance is Enough?

Budget Concerns: How Much Insurance is Enough?

  • 2 Ways To Decrease Your Home Insurance Costs

    Decreasing your home insurance costs can be extremely difficult if you want to save money without skimping on your insurance coverage. However, there are a few ways to convince your insurance company to decrease the cost of your home insurance policy, such as the two listed below. Secure Your Home One of the easiest ways to convince your insurance company to lower your home insurance costs is to make your home more secure.

  • Is Use-Based Auto Insurance Right For You?

    Auto insurance comes in all kinds of types, coverage levels and costs, and finding the right option for your budget and your needs can sometimes be difficult. Understanding the different options can help you to select the right coverage. One option to explore is use-based auto insurance. This type of policy examines your driving habits with the use of a telematics device in your car. This device delivers information to your insurance company, such as how many miles you drive and how fast you drive.

  • 3 Reasons Your Auto-Insurance Premiums Have Increased

    If you are like many individuals, you own a car and need to carry auto insurance. You might notice over time that your insurance premiums have actually become more expensive even though you expected them to drop. Here are some reasons that your insurance premiums are more expensive and why that is okay because you still have great coverage. 1. You Live in an Area with High Traffic and Lots of Accidents

  • Homeowners: How To Preserve Your Insurance Coverage When A Sidewalk Is Cracked

    The concrete sidewalks surrounding homes located in areas known for heavy rain and flooding often suffer damage. Moisture and temperature frequently contribute to major cracks in sidewalks. There are more than just aesthetic concerns present with broken and cracked sidewalks. Liability issues arise as well. If a homeowner blatantly chooses not to fix the damage, insurance coverage may be excluded. At this point, the homeowner is personally liable for any medical or punitive claims by an injured party.

  • Stress These Safe-Driving Points To Your Road Tripping Teen This Summer

    If your teenager has finally reached the age that he or she will be taking a summer road trip without adult supervision, you might have some degree of concern. After all, it's likely that your child is either driving your vehicle or is listed on your insurance. While your first priority is to ensure that your teenager stays safe on the trip, you also don't want to encounter an issue in which he or she is in an accident that affects your auto insurance premium.

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Budget Concerns: How Much Insurance is Enough?

Insurance is something that I carry in the hopes that it never has to be used. Along with life coverage, I also have low cost auto insurance and a health plan through my employer. I'm toying with the idea of adding some additional coverage, just in case something happens and I'm no longer around to take care of my family. The question that is on my mind is how much insurance is enough? Do I really need more, or would it be better to cultivate other assets that my loved ones can draw on if needed? If you are in the same boat, let's journey together for a while. Read on and I'll explain what I'm trying and why. Together, we can figure out when it is time to add more coverage and when enough really is enough.