Budget Concerns: How Much Insurance is Enough?

Budget Concerns: How Much Insurance is Enough?

  • Three Ways That Young Drivers Can Reduce Their Auto Insurance Bills

    When you're just getting established in life, every dollar counts. And one way that you can effectively manage your budget is to look at reducing some of your monthly bills. One bill that falls under this category is your auto insurance bill. If you can consistently stay out of at-fault accidents, you'll be able to see a decrease in your premium over time. However, it's possible to reduce the amount that you pay in the short term by making a few different changes.

  • Got A Dog Outside? Better Have A Dog Bite Liability On Your Homeowner's Insurance Before It Bankrupts You

    According to Dog Bite Law, dog bite losses are more than $1 billion each year, and there are over 350,000 people seen in emergency rooms each year for a dog bite. If you have the most loving dog in the world, you can never know 100% sure that it will never bite anyone. For this reason, you should check your homeowner's insurance policy to make sure if something like this happens you will be covered, as it can become very expensive for you.

  • 4 Things To Know About Medicare For Seniors

    When you reach a certain age, you may be eligible for Medicare. This allows you to have low-cost health insurance and have things like your medications, routine doctor visits, and emergency hospital visits covered at least partly. Here are some things to know about Medicare as a senior. There Are Four Parts of Medicare The first thing you need to understand about Medicare is that there are four different parts. Being more aware of each part and what it covers helps you know what to enroll in and what might be covered.

  • Discounts By The Number: Three Ways To Save 30 Percent Off Your Auto Insurance

    When it comes to getting a discount on your auto insurance policy, it's important to remember that little steps can make a big difference. While there are a number of different reasons that your insurance provider will reduce your premium, it's not practical to expect that you'll get a significant rate reduction for simply making one change. Instead, think of a variety of different changes you can make that can combine into a sizeable discount.

  • 5 Times You Should Shop For New Auto Insurance

    Auto insurance is one thing that seems to go up every year, even when you do not use it. However, you can work on keeping your auto insurance rates down by shopping for new insurance. An independent insurance agent can help you find affordable car insurance by looking for a new auto insurance policy. Here are five times you should shop for new auto insurance.  Shop When You Turn Twenty-Five

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Budget Concerns: How Much Insurance is Enough?

Insurance is something that I carry in the hopes that it never has to be used. Along with life coverage, I also have low cost auto insurance and a health plan through my employer. I'm toying with the idea of adding some additional coverage, just in case something happens and I'm no longer around to take care of my family. The question that is on my mind is how much insurance is enough? Do I really need more, or would it be better to cultivate other assets that my loved ones can draw on if needed? If you are in the same boat, let's journey together for a while. Read on and I'll explain what I'm trying and why. Together, we can figure out when it is time to add more coverage and when enough really is enough.